Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wedding Rings - Double!

I've started a double-wedding ring quilt for my future in-laws -- this December marks their 25th wedding anniversary. I'm planning my own wedding and have been thinking wedding gifts; so I decided I wanted to give them something that would have been a good wedding present, not just an anniversary present. What better than a DWR quilt!? I used the McCall's Quilting Vintage Double Wedding Ring pattern.

So now I have this beauty all pieced and spread out on the floor in the spare room:

My hand-quilting (which isn't the best!) has been put on hold. I had tooth surgery recently and it just hurts to bend over it.. but here's some detail:

So while I'm waiting to finish that quilt up, I figured, "Why not start another?" Well, that second quilt would also be a DWR. I mentioned I'm getting married; well, one of my wedding presents to my fiance (and part of a ceremony tradition) is our very own DWR quilt. Since I finished most of the blue quilt above before starting this blog, I figured I'd take pictures of the piecing process on our quilt.

Our wedding colors are green and brown (forestry nerds!) so our quilt will reflect that. First, I split the arch of the template into 5 pieces instead of 11. Then, I traced those 5 pieces onto the fabric and cut, cut, cut away.

Then, the pinning. Oh, the pinning!

And all the while, my poor puppy gives me that look that just says "More pinning?!"

But it's all worth it when you see those piles of perfect finished arches!

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  1. Hi Tiff, I just started my blog too and linked to you from the process pledge page. I love your watercolor design and also the photo of the Smokies. I grew up in Oak Ridge and Knoxville and really miss being that close to the mountains as I now live in Florida. I have seen the sunrise from Mt. LaConte! Will keep following your progress on the DWR's. Carol