Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another one bites the dust

In addition to quilting, I also crochet and knit... which makes it hard to finish projects sometimes! But I did get this one done this week:

Yes - Granny squares! They're so easy to make, but I hate those typical granny square blankets that everyone has. You know, the black borders with bright orange and yellow... Yuck.

I actually started this one a few years ago and packed it away while I was in college. I just found it a few months ago and decided to finally finish it! Unfortunately, I've been introduced to the world of yarn-snobbery, so I'm hating the fact that it's acrylic. I'm just going to gift it so I can make one for myself out of a nice wool... maybe fisherman's, and in a brown gingham pattern. But it'll have to wait until I get some of these other projects out of the way!

1 comment:

  1. I like your classic colors. While wool is certainly nicer for many reasons, acrylic is much easier to care for long term. It is so sad to have a beautiful afghan get moth holes. Ask me how I know :-)