Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quality Control

I've seen lots of pictures of quilter's cats rolling in fabric, so I thought I'd share my furball situation. This is my quilt tester:

Beau has a dog bed. However, he prefers to lay on piles of clothes. And piles of sheets. And piles of fabric. Pretty much anything that is in a pile.

So imagine his confusion when I yelled at him for laying on the DWR quilt; the nice pile of soft, cuddly fabric right at my feet. You see, Beau goes to the woods with me just about every day for work, so this could cause some problems with white fabric...

Compare this photo with the one above. Yes, it's the same dog. Granted, this isn't as dirty as he gets every day, but he still gets a bit muddy. Did I mention he likes to chew rawhides and dirty toys on the aforementioned piles?

So he is the reason that there are a few tiny mud/slobber/who-knows-what marks on the underside of the blue DWR quilt. He just couldn't resist his task of making sure that it was the nicest, softest pile of quilt to be sent to his 'grandparents,' so I can't be completely mad at him. And I think they'll understand -- they have two dogs of their own that I'm sure will charge themselves with breaking it in. :)

Beau and I are relaxing after a short trip to the woods for work this morning. Happy Sunday to you!

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