Friday, March 11, 2011


Sometimes, quilting makes me reflect on simpler times -- when things were done slowly, and by hand. My Mamaw (southern for 'Grandmother'!) has this old hexagon quilt that I had never thought much of. It was done in yellows, had some crazy patterns (pandas??), and wasn't the prettiest thing. I used to use it to lay out to tan: it was worn, needed some repair, and the quilting on it wasn't perfect. Then I asked her about it... That quilt was made by her mother and aunts, hand-pieced and quilting-bee'd together as a family. Just thinking about how long that quilt took to make, how much love went into it, and how much fun those ladies must have had sitting around a quilt frame really changed my perspective on that quilt. I wish I had a picture of it!

So I've decided to make my own -- completely hand-pieced, and it will be completely hand-quilted. I'm not giving myself any type of 'deadline' with this one. I'm just taking my sweet time, working on it here and there, and making sure that I'm enjoying every little bit of the process.

I'm using the leftover fabric from the blue Double Wedding Ring quilt that I made for the fiance's parents. Ideally, I'd like to give this one to my mother someday -- how cool would that be, to have two quilts of the same fabric given to our parents?

The pale yellow centers are a 'tribute' to my Mamaw's hexagon quilt -- it really reminds me of the color scheme.


  1. It is hard to believe how we abused quilts before we understood what went into them. At least we figured it out! Your blue hexagons are going to be very nice and it will be special for both families to have related quilts!

  2. We love our old QUILTS and then the beauty comes out

  3. I'm a die hard machine quilter, but my young son plays sports and I hate not to do things with my hands. So while I wait I've started a scrappy flower garden of 1 3/4 hexis. Last time I counted I have over 400 hexis! They are addictive! I figure by the time he's outta HS I'll have a few queen size tops. And nobody but me will truly realize HOW MUCH TIME I spent sitting waiting. ;-)
    (found you on quilting blogs)

  4. Looking lovely! I am working on a hexagon flower garden and have another hexagon project waiting to be started. They can be very addictive!