Sunday, March 6, 2011

Precision and 'Football' Piecing

So I've been slowly pinning away at the brown and green DWR quilt, though not as fast as I'd like to. I did get all of the arches pieced and ironed, though!

You can see the two different 'directions' that the colors are going on the arches, so that the rings overlap and it has the depth I talked about in a prior DWR post. The next thing I did was cut out all of the center pieces for the footballs. I chose an off-white color, since it went better with the brown and green and won't show as much dirt due to the quilt testers...

Now here's where I have a quilting confession to make: I don't cut out templates or anything accounting for seam allowance. I just don't do it, even though I know it's a sewing and quilting no-no. I have to have exact lines! You can see on the cream footballs where I've traced and marked the center:

I then fold the arcs and cut a center mark to match up to the cream football's center mark.

It really makes it easier to match up the centers when pinning.

Being exact is very important with this pattern; if you're off the slightest, you're going to have bulges, believe me. Gotta love curved sewing!

The lines that I trace make it easy for me to see where exactly to sew, which is hard with a curved line like on these footballs. I basically use the pins to line me up:

Then it's all downhill from there!

And I'm always sure to back-track on everything, of course!


  1. Nice process photos. Looking forward to a progress report.

  2. Love your suggestions and have printed them out for future use but, if I may make a suggestion given to me by a wonderfully talented aunt, instead of cutting into the football to make a notch - cut a /\ making a tee-pee. This allows for the integrity of the football to remain solid and gives you something to match with. Thank you very much for your info.